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Sharing hopes


I’ve been making the most of self-isolation, and so far, so good.

When you work from home anyway, self-isolating during our current state of affairs is mostly – but not entirely – business as usual for me and, I’m assuming, many other woodworkers. Key words there: “mostly,” and “many.”

I’m well stocked with basic materials (even toilet paper), and anything special I need I can send away for easily enough through Amazon or any of the online woodworking retailers. Sure, I’d prefer to go just a couple miles down the road to restock, but since I’m in the prime age bracket for catching this thing I’d rather not if I can help it.

I know I’ve been lucky in that my livelihood has as yet been unaffected. My wife, however, is a substitute teacher and hasn’t worked in weeks, nor is she likely to for the rest of the year. Again, a bit of luck there in that I’ve had two big projects come to fruition right at the same time and so had a double payday, plus I’m discussing another one that should begin soon. On top of that, a larger-than-expected tax refund. (Yes, I did my taxes.) Plus, I guess we’re all getting stimulus checks soon. With all that, my wife’s lost work won’t hit us too hard.

But I realize that not everyone has been that fortunate, and I’m sure that includes several of you reading this right now. My hopes are that we see an end to all this sooner rather than later, and when we do I’m thinking – hoping – there’ll be a surge in people wanting to get back to normal. If so, with a bit more luck the economy could rebound quickly, giving a needed shot in the arm to those who make their living by working wood.

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