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Seeing the sights

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I’m not much of a tourist. When I travel I’m usually pretty focused on the reason for the trip, and while I do have a tendency to wander and take my time when traveling – for me, seldom is a trip from point A to point B a straight line – once I arrive I’m most likely to stay put.

But as I plan a trip to visit my Dad in Cincinnati this weekend I find that I’ll have some downtime for a few hours while he has some other scheduled plans. Although I grew up in Cincinnati, since moving away I rarely run around much while visiting my old home. But with a few hours to spare this weekend, I’m going touring.

To start with, there are two woodworking stores in town that I’ve never been to. There’s nothing I really need for the shop at the moment, but when has that every stopped us woodworkers from shopping? (Note to self: Take credit card.)

Then I might swing past my old high school and take a look at the woodshop where I first learned to love the smell of sawdust. Hopefully, they still have a woodshop course. You know, on second thought maybe I’ll skip that – the disappointment would be too great if it’s gone. Instead, since the publisher of some of my books is also located in Cincinnati, maybe as I head out of town on Monday I’ll drop by their offices to say hi and hobnob with my fellow woodworkers.

I always enjoy visiting family, and I enjoy woodworking, obviously. But rarely do I mix the two. This weekend it looks like I’ll get to do just that.



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