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Two things happened this week that helped me regain a sense of balance in the way I look at things.

The first is that I cut my thumb in the kitchen. Not a terrible cut, but enough to make things difficult. Everything from buttoning a shirt to feeding stuff through my table saw is suddenly complicated. And, naturally, I’ve been whining about it ever since.

The other thing that happened was procrastinating getting to work going through some old magazine articles I’d written and edited. I came across one about a blind woodworker that made me reconsider my whining about working – only temporarily! – with one hand.

Curious, I Googled it and was amazed at the number of one-handed woodworkers out there, not to mention woodworkers with other handicaps. I easily found dozens on the first try. The thread that ran through all the articles I turned up was that none of these guys let their handicaps slow them down, either in their shops or their lives.

Sure, my thumb hurts. But it will heal soon and I’ll be good as new. None of the guys I read about will ever be good as new, and yet they keep on going. Time to stop whining.

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I talked last year about how little attention the checkouts at Big Box stores pay to what they’re actually ringing up. In the earlier case, the guy paid no attention to the fact that I had two cabinets on a dolly, not one long one, and only charged me for one. I noted at the time that even though this was a small thing, it’s still indicative of issues affecting the economy. How can you possibly succeed when you’re letting free stuff go out the door?

My turn

It occurred to me this morning that I haven’t used my lathe in nearly two years. So, for no reason other than the sheer pleasure of it, I did.

And then what?

I’m always annoyed by online posts that relate some event, but then never follow up to tell me what eventually happened. Here, then, a few follow-ups.

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One of the things I like about cherry is how its color changes over the years. That’s also one of the things that bugs me about it.

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I got a nice compliment this week from someone impressed with my expertise. Don’t know if it was warranted, but it sure felt great.

Size matters

You can call this a rant, plain and simple, but sometimes the way they size tools makes no sense to me.

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