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The only thing worse than a shop getting buried in stuff during extremely busy periods, is how it somehow manages to get buried in stuff when you’re simply not that busy.

Right now I’m in planning mode for the two-dozen projects a new book project will contain. This involves computer time creating and organizing templates for chapters, cut lists and such, plus lots of time spread out on the dining room table drawing up sketches. Meanwhile, I’m also between magazine projects, so the only shop activity lately has been a few small personal projects.

And yet, it’s a mess. For one thing, it’s collected a lot of things that have to go elsewhere. There’s a large empty box a new tool came in that needs to go into the attic over the shop, and another I’m filling with things for a trip next month to see my daughter. There are also stacks of vacation stuff my wife used during her summer break from school. (All things my wife uses require quarantine in my shop before going to the attic, for some reason.)

Then there’s the leftover stuff from those little projects – tools not put away, some paint cans and painting supplies, lengthy offcuts to go back into the racks, a prototype of that small cabinet I told you about last time, that kind of stuff.

But here’s the thing: Remember that hernia I told you about last month? My corrective surgery for that is still a couple days away, so I’ve not been able handle the pull-down attic ladder, much less schlep that stuff up there. So there it all sits.

I have managed to pile stuff more or less neatly, though, with a functional walking path winding its merry way around the shop. Kind of quaint, really. Only thing it needs is a trail of breadcrumbs to all my major tools.



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