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My daughter keeps hinting that she wants a miter saw. That terrifies me.

If you’re a regular reader, you know that I’m inordinately proud of my daughter. Courtney, now 31, has really gotten into woodworking in the last couple of years and she’s darned good at it. Frankly, she shows more natural talent at it than I ever did – it took me years to build skills she’s exhibiting right off the bat. As you might expect, I’m encouraging her all the way, which makes birthday and Christmas gift-giving easy: Help build her tool inventory.

But as her projects become more involved, so does her interest in acquiring more power. The tool she wants now more than any other is a miter saw, and that scares the heck out of me. It’s not that she’s careless or accident-prone, because she’s not. It’s just the thought of my little girl using something so potentially dangerous. Sure, table saws and routers are just as dangerous, but she doesn’t have either of those yet, nor are they at the top of her list of needs at this point. A miter saw is.

I’ve told her half-jokingly she can’t have one. But she’s an adult now, and the truth is that as a budding woodworker expanding her skills she’ll eventually get a miter saw (and table saw, and router, and all the other scary-dangerous stuff) whether I want her to or not.

I’m thinking that since her getting a miter saw is inevitable, the best course of action is for me to get it for her. I can arrange to buy one at a time when I’m free to go up to Connecticut and give it to her personally, help her adjust it and set it up, and show her how to use it myself.

I doubt I’ll relax any more about her using one, but at least I’ll know she’s using it properly.



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