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Out of sight

I’m not really a forgetful person, but in the woodshop I do tend to misremember what I own.

Been getting around to building the fastener cabinet I’ve wanted to make for several years now, finally addressing my current storage method – piling nailers haphazardly in a random base cabinet. It’ll have slots for my four or five most-used pneumatic and cordless nailers, plus a drawer for boxed fasteners. I found the perfect spot for it in the shop, then did a rough sketch.

But when I started digging out nailers to take some exact measurements for the slots, I discovered a fastening tool I didn’t remember I owned.

AJBLOG-1003 image

I’ve forgotten stuff like this before, but it’s usually special pieces of wood or little-used tools and have been squirrelled away so long that forgetting about them is natural. But that cordless stapler up there doesn’t fall into that category.

For one thing, I actually wrote a blog about it only a couple years ago. For another, although I haven’t used it for about a year, it’s still one of my favorite purchases. And it’s so small, it would be perfect to include in my new fastener cabinet.

Once completed, my most-used fasteners will be close at hand, organized and not in a pile, with fasteners categorized and easy to find in the accompanying drawer. My other less-used nailers will be moved out of that base cabinet (which I want to clean out and use for other purposes), and kept out of sight in my main storeroom. The only downside to this is that I’ll have to remember that I still own them.

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