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Did some office work this morning, but not in my office. Makes me glad I have my own business.

One of my side jobs, a leftover from my old broadcasting days, is doing commercial voiceovers. Typically, I record these in my studio setup at home, convert the spots to digital files, and simply email them to the client. However, the regional cable company (a semi-regular client) called me yesterday and asked if I could come in to their studio first thing this morning to do a larger-than-normal batch of spots. Never one to say no to income, I said yes.

Everything went fine, and it looks like they may be using my services more frequently (Hooray!), but it also looks like I may have to go to their studio more frequently (Boo!). So, what’s wrong with that?

In the seven years I’ve been out on my own, I’ve gotten used to working on my own schedule. And I mean really, really used to it. My recording session this morning was at 8:30, meaning my entire morning routine was turned upside down. It also meant doing things like putting on clean clothes (without holes), shaving, combing my hair, being punctual, parking in a crowded parking lot, being on good behavior, and a host of other things simply not required for a typical day in the shop. It reminded me a lot of all the things I dislike about working in an office, none of which are much a part of my life these days.

Still, doing voiceovers has always been fun – especially when recording in a top-notch professional studio – and the additional income is always welcome. So I’m happy to do the office thing from time to time, safe in the knowledge that as soon as my spots are all done I can walk out the door long before the clock there hits 5 p.m., and be back in my shop jeans and sneakers in a matter of minutes.

Plus, it means I don’t have to shave again for another day or two.



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