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Not been there, haven’t done that

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I’ve been woodworking since high school, but it’s amazing how many woodworky things – some of them very basic and common – that I’ve never done.

There are so many things I’ve done and used in the shop that it’s impossible to remember even half of it all. However, I can definitely list some that are totally alien to me.

• Staining walnut – I’ve seen hundreds of things featuring stained walnut and I like the look, but for some reason I’ve never tried this. No idea why.

• Used plugs with pocket-hole screws. If the holes don’t show, why do it? If the holes do show, the plugs are hideous.

• Woods I’ve never used: redwood, teak, basswood, bubinga, alder, ipe, mesquite, cypress, hickory.

• One of those drill-bit-guide things with the holes in it.

• Wet-sanded a finish – No idea why on this one. I love the results others get with, but I’ve just never tried it.

• European hinges – They’re great and I appreciate their utility, but they’re just not for me.

• A radial arm saw.

• Used SketchUp – However, I’m fascinated by it, find it to be a potential treasure to the shop, and envy absolutely everyone else who designs with it. I have simply got to learn how to use this software.

• I’ve never made a scarecrow-on-a-stick or a bending-over-fat-lady yard ornament. Fortunately, unlike everything else on this list, I can safely say that I will never make one of these.



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