Not as I do


There’s an old saying about doing as I say, not as I do. Good advice.

Not two weeks ago I talked about how contractors and installers, even those who diligently clean up after the job is done, tend to leave handprints behind. Cleaning up is great after the fact, but working clean is even better. I opined that the easiest way of doing this was to wash your hands periodically. No dirty hands, no dirty handprints.

So I’m finishing up odds and ends around the shop, one of the last of which is to complete the ceiling in the storage room. Unlike the large expanse of basement ceiling too big to do myself, this was a small area that nobody sees, so I felt confident in handling it. (Even if it’s taken me nearly two years to complete it.)

Well, last night I did finish, and a job well done it was. Or so I thought until I hung all the lights back up. In full light, I could see dozens of handprints on those pure white ceiling tiles. And since I was the one to do it, there was only one knucklehead who didn’t wash his hands while working...

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Don't do this

There’s an old saying, “Do as I say, not as I do.” That goes double when giving safety advice that you don’t follow yourself.