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I always keep old newspapers in my shop for a variety of uses. There’s one paper in there now, though, that’s strictly bad news.

I last took newspapers out to the shop to replenish my supply on Feb. 16. I know this because the most recent paper on the small stack on my table saw is dated Feb. 15. So what’s significant in that? Well, since the papers are still stacked where I put them that means I’ve not used my table saw in two full weeks.

That’s not to say that I haven’t been working out there. I’ve used my band saw, cordless drill/driver, random orbit sander and a variety of hand tools in that time period. Plus, I varnished and hung some new doors for a shop cabinet. But the fact that those newspapers haven’t moved means my table saw hasn’t been fired up to start a major new project in two weeks.

Lots of work has been getting done in the form of small shop chores, including finishing those cabinet doors I mentioned, and I’ve done a ton of necessary office work lately. But the itch for major shop work is there, as attested by that Feb. 15 newspaper sitting on a perfectly dust-free table saw.

I need to get to work. For me, that’s a headline story.

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