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Mystery solved

I was robbed of some of my best wood supplies! Fortunately, I found the thief – she was upstairs getting a cup of coffee.

Recently asked to make items for a charity auction, I decided on a batch of small turned items – a couple wine stoppers, mini kaleidoscopes, and maybe cheese cutters or other small utensils with nice handles. So, I went to my stash of small turning stock specifically for the marblewood, cocobolo and Macassar ebony blanks I knew I had, only to find the box half-empty.

Had I moved my stash to the basement storeroom? To get there I had to go through my wife’s glass studio. My search ended right then and there.

AJBLOG-1049 image

I really don’t have an issue with Sally being in my shop. In fact, and I enjoy having her company while I work, or even working together on something. But from time to time she “borrows” a tool, uses my assembly table for general storage, hangs throw rugs to dry over the vise on my workbench, things like that.

Other times, she steals things. Like all those missing turning blanks that, apparently, are really useful for making glass boxes. I really don’t mind. (Although if she had said something first, I wouldn’t have had to conduct a search.) There’s nothing she can really do to hurt them – even a burn from a soldering iron would disappear when turning the blanks – and now I know where to look the next time I need turning blanks.

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