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More taxing times

While a pain to do I’ve generally not really minded figuring out my taxes most years. This isn’t going to be one of those years.

Doing taxes usually takes me two days. The first day I organize, categorize, and otherwise get woodshop receipts, invoices, numerous 1099s and everything else I need in order, with totals and subtotals of each category all figured out and Post-It-noted to each stack or paper clipped collection of receipts or sheets. Then on the second day it’s just a matter of plugging everything into TurboTax, and an hour or two later, bingo-bango, I’m done for another year and back out in the shop. Sure, taxes are a chore but not really a big deal.

This year, though, is going to be very different. I changed residences – and states – partway through the year. The amount of deductible office space changed (drastically!) at the same time. My considerable expenses for creating a new shop blend in with general household set-up expenses, a percentage of which are also deductible. Add to that the fact that my wife retired and started collecting Social Security. Then there are the medical expenses she incurred for her broken foot. Add to that the fact that she’s now substitute teaching, so she’s also getting multiple income forms from different school systems.

In the past I had it all down to a routine that I knew well and was able to repeat every year for more than a decade. Now, everything has changed. Worse, it changed part way through the year, so I have to figure one set of deductions for the old place, and another set for the new one, and somehow combine them into a single tax return. Please, just shoot me.

Yes, it’s going to be a nightmare. Yes, I’m whining. And, yes, I ain’t looking forward to it.

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