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Melamine madness

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Probably seems odd, given my melamine rant last time, but I just went out and bought me some melamine.

I told you several weeks ago that I planned to redo one wall of my shop this year. Those plans call for eliminating several individual wheeled cabinets that are all shoved together against that wall, and replacing them with a long built-in cabinet. Because one of the things that will go on that new cabinet is my lathe, the worksurface has to be rock-solid to stifle vibration. After thinking a bit following my most recent blog on how much I hate working with melamine, it occurred to me that melamine would be the perfect material for the top of that long cabinet.

Melamine’s weight and density will certainly be a good base for my lathe (as well as the drill press and combo belt/disc sander that will also go there). And since I’ve already constructed an outfeed/assembly table with melamine – attractively trimmed in varnished hardwood – it will coordinate nicely. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Martha Stewart when it comes to how my workspace looks, but I do have to consider that my shop is always in the background for the numerous photo shoots I do in there.

Further, a melamine surface for that cabinet would be bright and reflective, smooth and easy to clean, and a lot less expensive than hardwood-veneered plywood. Plus, I already had a bit leftover from when I made that outfeed/assembly table, so I didn’t have to buy a lot. And, admittedly, a melamine top for that cabinet will look great. So when you get right down to it, I really don’t hate melamine at all.

Now, if I can just keep from cutting my hands to pieces on the stuff.

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