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Mayer joins Felder Group; Atlantic Plywood expands

Tod Riggio

Tod Riggio

Mayer, a manufacturer of beam/panel saws and special application saws, has joined the Felder Group from Austria. Over the next year the Felder Group will establish new systems and procedures to support Mayer customers all over the world, the company announced.

“In the U.S.A. especially we have many happy Mayer machine owners and we want to help them by taking that experience to the next level. It will take time but we will start increasing our service network for the Mayer machinery and also look into stocking more spares and parts in the U.S. This has been a problem over the years but with time and some serious effort from our side we will put service in place that Mayer customers can trust,” Ruan du Toit, CEO of Felder Group USA, said in a statement.


Balanced Enterprise Solutions, parent company of machinery brands Ritter Machinery, Evans Machinery and Evans Midwest, announced the company is changing the name of the business to Choice Machinery Group, effective July 1.

Choice Machinery Group will be the parent organization under which the Evans Machinery, Evans Midwest and Ritter Machinery brands will be built.

“The past few years at Balanced Enterprise Solutions have been marked by significant growth in both product lines and offerings,” Don Mulder, president of Choice Machinery Group, said in a statement.

“These exciting changes have compelled us to change our company name to a name that better explains who we are and sets us up for continued growth moving forward.”


Atlantic Plywood, a wholesale supplier of hardwood plywood and panel products on the East Coast, is expanding its business model into the Midwest with a select product mix that includes Columbia Forest Products, ATI Decorative Laminates, Rehau, Knape & Vogt, Century Components, and Mirka Abrasives.

Atlantic Plywood is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Parksite, which has a 125,000-sq.-ft. distribution facility in Bolingbrook, Ill.

“We consider this new location a monumental step in our growth,” Marty Wojick, vice president of sales at Atlantic Plywood, said in a statement. “Our commitment to providing the highest quality products, combined with our mission to deliver outstanding service, has earned our company the excellent reputation it holds today in the Northeast. We are confident we can expand the business model we have created over the last 45 years to a new customer base in the Midwest.”


IMA Schelling Group USA recently announced a new California-based support hub to provide faster and more efficient response for its West Coast customers.

“The establishment of our new California office represents a fantastic opportunity for IMA Schelling Group USA and our West Coast customers,” explained Byron Salmon, the company’s British Columbia and West Coast sales manager, said in a statement. “Being able to respond to sales and service needs more quickly and efficiently means we can help them reduce downtime and delays that could affect their productivity and profitability.” 

This article originally appeared in the August 2019 issue.

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