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Make room! Make room!

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New Year’s resolution: Get trim and fit. Well, not me, exactly – I’m as trim as I’m ever going to get – but my shop.

I reorganized my shop in 2015, mainly with a rerouted dust collection system that reclaimed one whole wall. But over the holidays when the shop was mostly idle, I had time to just “look around.” (As an aside, do you ever do that? Not work in the shop, just walk around and look at it when nothing is going on? You should. It’s amazing what you’re able to see.)

What I saw was a great deal of clutter. Being a converted 2-car garage, shop space is limited. And simply put, I need more room.

I keep too much, like a 10’ length of PVC pipe leftover from my dust refit. Just never know when I might need it, and to get rid of it would be wasteful, right? Maybe, but it only costs about eight bucks, so why am I saving it? I should at least cut it in half and put it out in my shed or up in the attic. That pipe is only one example of what I’m talking about, but I probably have dozens of things just like it that eat up space and have limited potential for return.

Then there’s stuff that’s not supplies in the sense that pipe is, but things that just aren’t essential to the shop. A good example of that is the dorm-sized refrigerator I’ve had for 20 years. I keep soda, water bottles and such in there for easy grabbing. But it and the short stand it’s on probably take up 12 cubic feet that could be better used. Besides, my kitchen – and a much bigger refrigerator – is about six steps away right inside the house. As with that PVC pipe, I several things like that refrigerator that I’d never miss (much) if I got rid of them.

This won’t be easy. I’m a packrat with supplies, and a sentimentalist for things like that refrigerator that’s been a shop companion for decades. But even if I regret getting rid of all this stuff it’s easily replaceable, so there’s really no reason I shouldn’t do it.

I’m sure that I, and my shop, will be happier for it.


P.S. Kudos to anyone who got the title reference.


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