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Lost, not found

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I lost a couple favorite tools that, although easily replaced, were irreplaceable. The key word there is “favorite.”

Whenever I travel, I take along some tools “just in case.” I carry these in a plastic tote, the kind with a long open compartment on one side, and a divided compartment on the other. The tools are always basic: a drill/driver, scraper, a few drill bits, a handful of screws, 6-in-1 screwdriver, hammer, that sort of thing.

The 700-mile trip to visit my grandson is a long haul, so I usually break it up into two days if I’m driving by myself. Checking into my hotel Wednesday evening, I carried in my bird’s cage (Bud the Parrotlet goes wherever I go), overnight bag and assorted items, just like always. But in getting my overnight bag from the back of the car I temporarily took out my travel tool tote and set it on the ground.

And left it there.

Naturally it was gone the next morning. I have multiples back home of everything that was in it, so we’re not talking a huge loss here. In fact, the only actual money I’ll need to spend will be for a new plastic tote.

But a few of the tools were real favorites. I have probably eight or nine of those 6-in-1 screwdrivers, but the one I lost was the one I liked best. That scraper – a putty knife, really, but it handles dozens of tasks – was one I’ve had for at least 20 years. The hammer was one of several favorites, but I shortened the handle about an inch so it would fit the tote perfectly.

The duplicates of those tools in my shop that will become replacements are also tools that I’ve used for years, so I’m sure I’ll quickly get used to how they feel in my hands. They’ll become new favorites. Still, I deeply regret my carelessness.

Old favorites deserve paying better attention.



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