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Ever make something you like so much you hate to let it go? If you hang on to your best, favorite items, you’ll never make any money.

If you’re a regular reader, you know I have loose relationships with a couple small galleries. I don’t really have time to make items specifically for galleries, but once a writing project is done I end up with a number of projects without homes. Some I give away, but since I started dealing with these galleries I try to reserve those items for them for extra cash.

Among the last projects for my nearly concluded box book are some lathe boxes. One is a potpourri box turned from burl; the top is pewter in an open design that lets the fragrance out. One look at it and I’m thinking: Nice box; instead of sending it to one of the galleries that’s been asking me for items, my daughter would love it. Another, a lidded box of spalted maple and ebony, came out even nicer. Likewise, it’s just too good to get rid of.

We don’t need it – we already have too many set-around things in our house, and any more risks creating incurable clutter. Now, I could send it to one of the galleries and probably get a good bit for it. Or, I could keep it for … heck, I don’t know. Maybe something I could gift to someone for a birthday or maybe next Christmas.

You guys who work on commission have it easier, since you already have the future owner waiting for an item before you’ve made it. Once you’re done, no matter how much you like it, you still have to deliver. And it’s good that this is so, or you’d have no income. Fortunately, I don’t depend on what I make in the shop for my income, or my keep-the-best-stuff idiosyncrasy would ruin us.

Of course, if I hang on to them to use as gifts, that does constitute a savings of what I would have spent. So in a sense, I guess they really are making money.

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