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Just feels right

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I just got a new impact driver, and it’s outstanding; one of the best I’ve seen or used. But you know what? I still like my old one.

About a month ago I was sent an impact driver for evaluation, and used it quite a bit when dismantling my shop ahead of our recent move. It performed flawlessly, had plenty of power, and the lithium battery life was excellent. I gave it good marks all around, and I’d recommend it to anyone.

I also have one that’s about 11 years old that’s not nearly as nice, and I still prefer it for personal use. This thing has an older Ni-Cad battery with limited runtime (that gets shorter every year), not as much power, the charging takes a long time, and other traits you’d expect in an old tool. That new one is superior in every way.

But it feels so good in my hand that I’m reluctant to give it up. For big jobs requiring more power and runtime – like the deck-updating project I have on my to-do list – that new one is the better tool to choose.

For everyday tasks, though, I suspect I’ll continue to rely on my old “feel-good” driver.



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