It’s the little things

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The main thing we want in the shop is for things to go right, but that doesn’t always mean something major. The minor things are sometimes the best.

I’ve had a perfect day in the shop, using tools, completing a project or basically just doing-it-myself when I can celebrate one of the following:

• Measuring twice and not getting something different.

• Cutting something wrong, but it works out anyway because I measured wrong.

• Remembering that black = hot, and white = neutral without having to look it up.

• Managing to cut no more than one extension cord when trimming shrubbery.

• A small piece of scrap exactly the right size, and the correct species.

• Dropping a chisel, and the handle end hits the floor instead of the cutting end.

• Minimal glue squeeze-out.

• Assembling a tool that came with an extra screw/bolt/nut instead of being one short.

• The phone rings after completing a tricky glue-up, not in the middle of it.

• The only kickback experienced after a long day involves a recliner and a cold beer.



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