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It’s all in the description

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When it comes selling a product, marketing is key. It sure made the sale for me.

I like to think I’m a savvy shopper who can see through all the hype and nonsense when shopping for something, especially when it’s an expensive item. And because I’m a woodworker, when it comes to shopping for products that are either made to work with wood or are made of wood, I like to think I have an edge.

As I gather things for building my new shop, one of the items at the top of my list is a pair of good speakers. I always listen to music in the shop, and having had a broadcasting background the quality of the sound is the most important characteristic of any speakers I’d consider. With that in mind, I think I’ve found something I just can’t pass up. In spite of the fact that what I entered into the search bar contained none of these words, this was a highlighted part of the description for one of the top results:

“CLASSIC WOOD FINISH - High quality MDF wood build finished with wood effect vinyl serves as a great compliment to any home decor.”

Made of MDF wood! Not just any MDF wood, but high-quality MDF wood! And with wood effects! And it’s CLASSIC [sic]!

I have no idea how these speakers will sound, but dang, after reading that I think I just have to buy them.



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