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Is there really nothing left to get?

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I got a $50 Amazon gift card as a premium with a recent purchase and am dying to buy me some woodworking niceness with it. Trouble is, there’s nothing I really want just now.

Few things please us more than a new shop toy, and while $50 doesn’t buy a very big toy it can certainly be applied to a pricier toy for a nice discount. With that in mind I’ve been scouring Amazon for a woodworking item I can’t live without. But I just can’t find anything that fits that category.

Sure, I could stock up on supplies or hardware for future use, but excuse me while I yawn. It’s a gift card! You don’t get mundane supplies with a gift card, you get yourself something gifty, something you’ve been wanting, and not something that might be useful down the road. Heck, might as well buy underwear or socks if you’re going to do that.

The shocking part here is the realization that since there’s nothing I want for the shop, that I must therefore have everything there is to have. On the one hand that’s never true – no matter what you have you can always desire something nicer, whether it’s replacing a small drill or a big table saw with a better one. On the other hand it must mean that I’m pretty darned satisfied with my woodshop right now, and frankly, that’s a good thing.

But then, I still have that gift card to use. Of course, Amazon has a lot more things than just woodworking items, so I’m sure I can find something.

Maybe socks.



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