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Know when to fold?

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Internet search engines are useful when I’m looking for woodworking information or products. Not always so useful, though, when an engine finds me.

I got an entertaining email that I have to assume was the result of a company doing some sort of Internet search that matched a keyword in one of my Civil War woodworking books. That, in turn, generated a robo-email to an account I set up specifically to address questions and requests regarding the projects in the books. It’s a busy account, and to date I’ve received correspondence from more than a hundred readers.

The email I just got reads, in its entirety:

“Dear Sirs & Madam. Thanks for your reading. This is Lisa from [company name] of China, and it is very pleased to come across your website. We are the factory supplier about the aluminum folding furniture such as folding chair, folding table and folding bed and other folding. Many of our products have gained the Good design Award means G mark in this industry. It is confidant we won’t disappointing you. Looking for words to your reply.”

I assume that since I have reproduction 19th-century folding chair projects in each of my Civil War books, that’s what led to all of this. On the one hand, I’m glad they read – or at least Googled – my books. On the other, I’m mystified as to just exactly what it is they want. To sell me a folding chair? Buy a folding chair? Offer to come over and fold chairs for me?

I have no idea, although that last would be really nice of them.



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