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Idle time

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I’ve been working on three major projects simultaneously, and all three were completed within days of each other. Right now I’ve got – gasp! – some time off.

Most deadlines are spaced out simply because getting the assignments or contracts is typically spaced out. But I've had an unusual convergence of three big projects with deadlines so close together that I’ve been working on them at the same time to the exclusion of most everything else.

The three projects – a new book, a magazine article and a woodworking DVD – wrapped up Monday a week ago, this past Monday and yesterday, respectively. This means that for the moment I have no current project and no deadline whatsoever that I have to worry about. That'll probably change in the next week or two as I expect to have a new assignment shortly, but for right now I have time that I can do anything I want to do. The question is, which of the two following things should I do today:

A) Diligently head out to the shop, which is a total mess in the wake of those three simultaneous projects, and get it ready for the next project, or…

B) Go see a matinee of "Interstellar," then come home, relax, take off my slacks and have a can of beer as I catch up on the last four episodes of "The Walking Dead."

Decisions, decisions.



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