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Hey, where’d my shop go?

A funny thing happened to my shop. It disappeared. At least, I’m having a darned time trying to find it.

I’ve talked before about how because our attic is above my shop, someone in our house tends to deposit things there destined to go into the attic. (I’m not sure who does this. There are two people and two cats who live here. I’ve ruled out myself, and one of the cats.)

Till the stuff is stored, though, it becomes a semi-permanent shop fixture. Observe:

I few days ago, the only things on the shop floor were that vacuum and wooden trunk – I’d pulled it out to vacuum behind it, then got sidetracked. This morning, I found this. From left to right: a folded travel ironing board, fall decorations (why is that owl wearing a necklace made of hand grenades?), a bucket of fake poinsettia, empty Amazon boxes for potential re-use, empty box our new coffee maker came in, old broken coffee maker waiting for trash day, repurposed cat-litter bucket filled with birdseed, a jug of birdseed, small travel cooler with empty soda bottles from our recent trip to Connecticut.

I have a lot of work to do in the shop this weekend, but I obviously won’t get a thing done until I pull down those attic steps and schlep stuff up there, put the birdseed away and tote that broken coffee maker out to the trash.

Or, I could just toss a match into the center of it.



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