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Glue galore

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I just bought glue (yes, alert the media), and got a great deal. Now, it may seem a stretch to get excited over a dollar, but here I go.

Marketing is weird, and you can quote me on that. Seriously, I’ll never understand how it works.

I mentioned last Friday that I needed to make a supply run, and on my list was glue. When I’m working on a major effort like the one I’m wrapping up with multiple consecutive projects, I need lots. But until the next major project run comes along I don’t need as much, and so tend to buy smaller sizes in the interim.

At the Big Box store I stopped at over the weekend I grabbed a 4 oz. bottle of Titebond II priced at $2.98 off the shelf – really all I need for now – and was set to head to the checkout when I saw that a 10 oz. bottle was priced at $3.98. And I’m thinking, two-and-a-half times as much glue? I’d buy that for a dollar. Which, in fact, was exactly how much more that glue was.

I don’t need that much glue right now and with hot weather coming up the last of it may go bad before I use it all, but someone explain to me exactly how you pass up a deal like that. Let me answer that for you: You don’t.

What in the world goes through the head of marketing people?



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