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Gets my vote every time

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With two weeks till the election, I’ve finally decided my preference: Being in my woodshop where I don’t hear anything about it.

OK, that was misleading. You probably thought I was going to talk issues and candidates and campaigns ’n’ stuff. Nah, my talk-show-host days are way, way behind me and I don’t care about those things. I care even less about talking about those things, and even less than that about hearing other people talk about those things. Oh, sure, I know who I’m going to hold my nose for when I go into the voting booth. I’ve known that for months.

That’s why I’m sick of hearing about the election and who said this and who did that and who’s going to save/doom us all. You can have it.

I like to be informed and still read a morning newspaper (made of real paper!) and still watch as much of the nightly news as I can stomach, but once I’ve updated myself to my own satisfaction of what’s going on in the world I shut it off for the other 99.9 percent of my day.

Then it’s out to the shop where Clinton and Trump and Johnson and Stein or whoever else is still running have never – and will never – set foot. Some nice music playing (today it’s the Pandora mellow Celtic station I created), a project I’m really enjoying and the aroma of freshly cut wood. Don’t have any scary-loud tool use planned and no finishing fumes on the agenda today, so I’ve even brought my parrotlet down to the shop to keep me company.

So, with two weeks left to go in this insipid election I can tell you who the winner is.

It’s me.



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