Furniture stripper

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We’ve all stripped old furniture finish. But sometimes “furniture stripper” means something else entirely.

The last thing to do for the glass studio I made for Sally was finish the cabinetry. I wanted the oak color au naturel, but with a few coats of polyurethane. The bookshelves, drawers and cabinets each got full coats in one pass, but the single door had to be done in two passes – one for each side, with a bit of wait between them. This meant that by the time everything else got a couple coats, I was behind one coat on one side of the door.

Everything was dry, but before calling it a day that door still needed a final coat before I reassembled the cabinets in the morning. I was tired and had good clothes on, but didn’t want to change into shop clothes for this quick task. Nobody was home, though, so I figured what the heck and just threw my shirt and jeans in a pile on the floor, and proceeded to brush a final coat on the door.

Adds a whole knew meaning to “au naturel,” doesn’t it?

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