Fool me twice

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I’d like to blame the Big Box store, and part of me still does, but it’s really my own fault I went home bleeding after buying lumber.

The problem? It’s those (expletive deleted) staples on the edges of lumber. I talked about this a couple years ago, and the situation hasn’t improved. I suppose the staples keep stuff aligned while being shipped and loaded, but once in the racks these staples invariably come loose on one end, leaving a nasty surprise if you’re not expecting them.

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The thing of it is, is that I should have expected them. I’ve known about them for years, and typically bring a pair of pliers with me to remove the staples when selecting lumber. This time, though, I not only forgot to take pliers, but also neglected to take my time while digging through the racks. The result was that I managed to impale my hand on one of those, whereupon blood and curse words ensued.

I wasn’t really in danger of bleeding to death, and wrapping a handkerchief around my hand got me through the checkout without it looking like a Game of Thrones episode, but doggone it that made me mad. When the clerk asked what happened, I told her – politely but in no uncertain terms – that those staples on their lumber are a menace.

I’ve complained about this before, so I doubt anything will come of it. And as angry as it makes me, being fully aware of the problem long ago I really do have my own carelessness to blame. Still, being angry with someone else makes me feel a little better.

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