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Feeling left out

What drives a woodworker or DIYer nuts? It’s listening to other people working, but not being able to join them.

As I write this, I have not one but two contractors working on my shop. One is an electrician, installing a new circuit and a couple outlets. The other is the contractor hanging my ceiling. Just luck of the draw that they showed up at the same time.

So, my shop is buzzing with activity, and I’m sitting here not taking part in any of the fun. I only rarely attempt working with electricity, so I’d love to observe and learn a few things from the electrician. Meanwhile, there’s hammering aplenty out there as they put up furring strips and such to install the new ceiling. I’m aching to go hang out with them, swapping woodworking stories and or giving them an occasional assist, and maybe getting a few tips and pointers from watching them work.

But as the old joke goes they’d probably charge extra if I watched – and even more if I wanted to help – so I’m stuck here in my office, tantalizingly close to the action. Yeah, I’m still getting work done, but sure isn’t very enjoyable. 

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