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Fast, but not so furious

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What’s the fastest project you’ve ever made, beginning to end? I’ve made a lot of quick-n-easy projects, but I think I just beat my own record.

As most of you probably know I’m a Civil War reenactor, but what you may not know is that I do a lot of my own sewing on uniforms and reproduction clothing. I’m working on a pair of pants and needed a height guide for a series of belt loops. The idea is that I wanted the belt to fit snuggly through the loops. The belt itself is too long and floppy to work with, so I turned to my shop.

The belt is 1/8" thick, and it took no more than 30 second to find a piece of scrap (walnut) the right thickness. I spent 5 seconds at the band saw cutting the scrap to a short working length, about another 5 seconds to set the fence to rip the scrap to exactly 1-5/16" to match the belt, then another 5 seconds to make the cut. I grabbed my sanding block and took maybe 15 seconds to smooth both faces and all four edges. Altogether that’s 60 seconds of actual working time. Add to that an estimated 30 seconds of walking-around-the-shop time, and the project came to a trim 90 seconds flat.

Fortunately, I’m considering the belt height guide to be the project here, so it easily wins the Fastest Project Alive Award hands-down. Plus, I now have a permanent guide to use for future belt-loop projects.

Those belt loops? Oh, yeah. Those took pretty much the whole afternoon.



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