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Cordless tools? I absolutely love them! Batteries and chargers? Not so much.

With the exception of my stationary machinery, routers and sanders, every tool I use on a regular basis is cordless. Modern Lithium-ion technology has brought tool weight down to near corded levels, and batteries hold a charge longer than ever. But, oh, those batteries and chargers.

Every manufacturer has a different battery platform (some have multiples), meaning that just about every tool I have has its own specific battery and/or charger. Not all, but most. As a result, my electrical collection is a total mess:

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And you’re thinking, ‘Geez, A.J., get a grip; that’s not so bad.’ Yeah, but that’s only a portion. Right there are for my most-used, go-to-every-day tools and photo gear. I have another drawer with more batteries for tools I use less frequently. And another with older Ni-Cad tools and batteries. Plus, some odd tools with 36- and 40-volt batteries that I still use, but not often. And, because every time you buy a full tool kit it comes with both battery and charger, I also have another box with nothing in it but duplicate chargers.

I sometimes wonder that if I accidentally fell into one of those drawers and boxes – not unreasonable considering how clumsy I can be sometimes – I’d electrocute myself.

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