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I’ve had a few woodworking disappointments lately. All were product-related, which is maddening. In one case the product was fine, and the disappointment sort of self-induced.

First, the basic product disappointments. I mentioned recently that I bought a laser guide for my drill press. It is cool as can be, and a true benefit. However, when I went to use it one day last week and brought the beam up, it was off the mark. I had to readjust it, which took several minutes to get it right. Since then, I’ve had to do that two more times. I don’t use the drill press a lot – only a few times in the past week – but having to readjust the laser three times in that period seems too much. I am very disappointed with this purchase.

During my blog mentions of constructing my shed, I talked about how not all of the parts were accurate. I worked around much of this and completed the building, which turned out quite nice. But in my efforts to adjust everything for a perfect fit, it didn’t occur to me that the cheap OSB used throughout the structure would swell up as much as it did when exposed to the weather. I’m going to have to cut the doors down, because they’ve swelled up so badly they barely close; and, once closed, can barely be opened. The locking hasp has shifted so much that I’ll have to relocate it. This annoys me greatly. This shed kit was not inexpensive and should have been better able to withstand ordinary weather conditions. Did it never occur to the manufacturer that buyers of this shed might want to use it outside?

The final disappointment was all mine. I bought a guide for my cordless drill for a series of shelf holes. I didn’t bother to notice at the time I bought it several weeks ago that it wasn’t compatible with my drill. This is not something I could have noticed at the store, but it’s too late to take it back – the receipt is long gone, plus the task for which I purchased it needed to be done so I just went ahead and did it.

So into a drawer it goes for now. I’m sure I’ll use it sometime down the road, but it would have made the job I had to do a lot easier.

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