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Dimes by the dozens

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I could be the richest woodworker around (and you could, too) if only I had a dime for every time …

• I measured twice, but wrote the measurement down wrong just before cutting the proverbial once.

• The one, single, solitary unfound nail in a piece of reclaimed lumber ended up being exactly in the kerf of the first cut you make.

• I needed just one more clamp of the right size for a tricky glueup.

• The very last complicated step of a very complex project was the one that causes a split.

• Broke off a brass screw.

• Got a smear of blood from a minor cut (I didn’t even know I had) on figured maple.

• Finally tossed out a 10-year-old piece of scrap, and then needed it the next day.

• Looked at a tool and realized I couldn’t remember who I borrowed it from.

• Looked for a tool and realized I couldn’t remember who I loaned it to.

• Gluing, mounting, screwing or nailing a component backward. Especially gluing. Especially when you don’t notice till the next day. Especially when you have no more of that stock to make a replacement component.

• Sanded through veneer.

• Dropped a chisel/knife/plane iron immediately after sharpening it.

• Cut on the wrong side of the cut line.

• Dropping the arbor nut down into the table saw.

• Dropping the arbor nut down into the table saw because you had to remove a blade that you just put in backward.

Now, if only I could find out who or where to turn to collect all my dimes. When I do, beer’s on me.



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