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Decisions, decisions

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I know this has happened to you: You need to choose between two things of equal value on a project, but you just can’t decide.

It can be anything – walnut or cherry for a component, two drawers or four, door on the left or the right – and at some point in a project you have to make a decision. As we’ve reflected in recent weeks, if it’s something a customer has specified the decision is easy. You just do what they say, or offer your thoughts to help them make the decision.

But when you have to decide, sometimes it’s an exercise in futility. For a recent box project, I’m torn between two sizes of brass knobs. The sizes are so close that the difference is almost negligible – 1/16” – but even a size difference that small gives the box enough of a different look that I just can’t decide. In the photo here, I have the 3/8” knobs installed and I think it looks great. But with the 5/16” knobs in place it also looks great, but just slightly different. The thing of it is, is that I like both looks equally.

Running it past my wife didn’t help. Like me, she initially preferred the 3/8” knobs, but also like me she’s begun to waffle in favor of the smaller ones. I keep swapping out the knobs, and our favor keeps swinging one way then the next. I feel like a member of Congress.

I could probably toss a coin and I’m sure that whoever finally receives this box will be pleased, but I just can’t make a decision that way. I’m sure you’ve bumped into this kind of thing before, so how do you finally decide?

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