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Consider it done

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Well, my major shop renovation is done. The cabinets came out great and I couldn't be more pleased.

Now, when I say "done," I'm talking about what I consider done. I still have to put a few protective coats of poly on the bare wood, and figure out exactly how to arrange the storage, but my wall of shop cabinets is structurally complete. Now, when I say, "complete," I'm talking about what I consider complete.

You see we all have a different idea of when a project is finished (and when I say "finished," I'm talking about, well, you know). For me, it's the Miller Time moment, for those of you who remember those old commercials. It's the time when you stand back, goal visibly accomplished, arms crossed, smile on your face, cold beer in hand, and about the best you can do is ceaselessly nod your head in a yeah-that's-what-I'm-talking-about manner that only woodworkers understand. And that's exactly what I was doing this morning (sans the beer).

Of course, my "done" in this case also means that:

My shop is a disaster, as it always is after a major project like this. Everything that was on or near that wall has been dragged and/or moved higgledy-piggledy wherever I'm least likely to trip over it.

Scraps are everywhere. Dust is everywhere. Empty soda bottles are everywhere.

Of the seemingly 4,467,102 tools that I own, exactly four are still hanging up where they belong. The remaining 4,467,098 are scattered everywhere.

I'll have to ask my wife to call me on my cell phone because it's in there somewhere, too. I have no clue where.

Come to think on it, I haven't seen my wife lately, either.

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