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Cabinet surgery

A brief hospital stay following minor surgery last week afforded me hours of mind-numbing boredom. So, naturally, to pass the time I dismantled and rebuilt the doors and cabinets in my room.

Of course, considering the fact that I was flat on my back, I did this mentally. Still, you can only play so many games of Skip-Bo solitaire on an iPhone before screaming for something to do, even if it’s not literally physical.

Scanning the room I noted that the doors and cabinets were veneered wood, and seemingly well done at that. I managed to pass several hours mentally deconstructing them, rearranging them in a more pleasing configuration, altering sizes and organization, and deciding what stain would have made them look nicer.

When it finally came time to go home, as I’m hobbling out of the room I took a closer look at one of the cabinets as well as the door, confirming my suspicion that they were indeed very nicely made. And, I could tell from looking at a door edge-on that the veneer was nice and thick – none of that paper-thin junk.

I realize that there is absolutely zero connection between the person who cut and worked on those cabinets and the person who cut and worked on me. (I’m assuming that at least one was a doctor.)

But seeing how well done the woodworking was, I couldn’t help but feel confident that the work done inside me was no less competent.



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