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Bye-bye birdie

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With my birdhouse book done and off to the printers, I was left buried in birdhouses. But a deal with a local shop owner has me singing like a bird.

When I finished my book I gave several of the birdhouses away, but I still had nearly two-dozen left, all stacked here and there around my office. The place looked like Robert Stroud had moved in and was never paroled. Now, I’m generally OK with a bit of clutter, but my office isn’t large and these houses were really in the way.

There’s a small village near me that has several quaint little shops, with one specializing in artsy home and garden decorating. My wife and I visited the shop recently, and noted that they carried a few birdhouses. Once home, I printed out photos of all the houses I had left, then returned to the shop and asked the owner if he’d be interested in a couple of them. To my surprise, he was thrilled with the offer but didn’t want a couple – he wanted all of them. We struck a consignment deal and before I knew it my office was suddenly birdhouse-free.

As it happens, the village is planning a special spring weekend event in which all the shops are participating, so it looks like the shop – and my birdhouses on display – will be seen by a fairly high amount of traffic.

As regular readers know, although I’ve sold a few pieces here and there I’m not really in the business of selling my work, so I left it to him to set prices for the houses. But having noted pricing on other items in the shop, if all the houses sell then I’m guessing my share of the profits will amount to a nice little short-term income that I simply wasn’t expecting.

And if the houses don’t sell, I guess I’ll be able to make all the birds in my yard really happy.

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