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Buried treasure

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I've mentioned before that after doing two or three consecutive projects in a row that I do a thorough shop cleaning. I did that the other day, and found a something I didn't remember I had.

When you're really busy it's easy to misplace and misremember things. But when I cleaned my shop recently I found a tool that I'd forgotten I had. It's a dado set I bought a few months ago – brand new and still in the package – that I shoved away till I had time to get it out and put it to use. Apparently when I shoved it "away," I wasn't aware just how well I had done so.

It completely slipped my mind that I had it, which is a shame because I was cutting some rabbets the week before last with my old set, and the new one would have come in quite handy. You'd think the act of stacking a dado set on the table saw would remind me that I had a brand new dado stack just waiting to come out of the box, but no.

When I cleaned the shop and started putting things away, there it was. Of course, now I have no immediate use for it so I've put it away yet again to await the next time I'll need it. Hopefully, I'll remember that I have it.

I do this a lot.

It's a blessing that my car is too big to shove away.

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