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Breath of fresh air

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After an unusually uncomfortable few months with lots of heat, and even more humidity – hardly any spring-like weather at all – Mother Nature is sending us a break for a few days.

Some thunderstorms rolled through yesterday, and behind them a promised three-day break in the miserable heat and humidity we’ve had since early May. This morning was gorgeous, and felt like the spring we never had. As a result, I did something I haven’t done in months: rolled open the door of my garage shop.

My shop holds heat very well, which is a boon in the winter; in the summer, not so much. So it was still stale and hot and muggy in there this morning until I rolled that door up, letting in a delightful breeze.

It’s not supposed to get out of the 70s for the first time in literally weeks, so I plan to take advantage of the fresh air and natural light as much as possible today. The whacko across the street just mowed her lawn last night, so she probably won’t mow again at least till three or four this afternoon. I don’t even have much machine use I need to do today, so it’ll be nice and quiet as I do mostly handwork on a few works-in-progress.

There’s no real point I’m trying to make here. It’s just that I’m looking forward to a shop day working without a lot of heat, without a lot of humidity, without a lot of sweat, and without a lot of noise.

If I understand the weather map and what the guy on TV was saying last night correctly, several states are sharing this refreshing weather. So hopefully I’m not just sharing here my enjoyment of looking forward to a pleasant day in the shop. With luck, several of you are enjoying it right along with me.

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