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What do woodworkers do when they’re stuck somewhere just sitting and waiting? They look around for wood to examine, of course.

My sister had to make a hospital visit last week for some routine stuff. (Don’t worry, she’s fine!) Since she wouldn’t be allowed to drive afterward, and since I hadn’t visited in a while, I offered to drive down and play taxi driver for the hospital visit, and then stay for a while to catch up.

This hospital visit was like most routine visits – wait here, move to another room and wait there, then the doctor kicks you out and you go somewhere else and wait. Then it’s back to a different room where you wait again, then the person you brought comes out and you go home. You know the drill.

Well, in the first waiting room I examined the cabinetry. Standard hospital stuff consisting of wood-grain laminate – not real wood – and it was pretty much the same everywhere and in every room. Ditto the second. But while waiting in the last room – where I was alone and bored – I saw this:

AJBLOG-782 image

Of all the cabinets I’d seen, and I saw dozens, this was the only one where the grain was matched. Those two lower doors on the left line up perfectly, as did the two upper ones on the right. To boot, the top of the left and the bottom of the right matched horizontally. (Don’t get me started on those knobs; no idea what was up with those.)

That these four doors lined up, despite the others around them still being mismatched, just struck me as amusing. As we left, I peeked in other rooms and saw no matching anywhere.

So, yeah, those matched doors were the highlight of my woodworking day. When you’re a bored woodworker, you take your entertainment where you can get it.



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