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Board simple

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Last time I talked about an arts and crafts show we went to. I like these shows because I often come away with ideas for things to make as gifts. This time was no exception.

I like to make things for family and friends during the holiday season. And even though I don’t do it every year, it’s getting more difficult coming up with fresh ideas. Among the many wooden crafts at this show were some really nice cutting boards. My wife thought those would be perfect for Christmas gifts, but shook my head for the same reason I always do when she suggests this: They’re just cutting boards, and there’s not much skill involved in making those.

I mean, you just glue up some wood strips, run the result through the planer a few times, round the corners and do a round-over on the edges, put on some kind of finish and you’re done. Where’s the challenge or talent involved in that?

But the fact is that a lot of those cutting boards we saw at the show were quite attractive, and none of them were particularly inexpensive. And judging from the reaction of the buyers – who were purchasing them left and right – they were quite desirable. I’m guessing that some of the exhibitors were making a good living selling them.

I’ve done a turnaround on cutting boards. So what if they’re simple? Anybody who cooks needs one, and everybody appreciates an attractive handmade gift. As long as I take extra care in selecting and arranging the strips I use laminate into the boards, there’s no reason I can’t make them even better than the ones we saw at the show.

It’s been a couple years since I made Christmas gifts in the shop, and after thinking for months on what to make, I’ve got the answer.

Sometimes, the simple solution is the best.

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