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Bathroom break

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Sometimes when I need a quick one-time tool or accessory, there’s a better than even chance I’ll find it in the bathroom.

I’m a big fan of shop tricks and time-savers, and take them where I can get them. Surprisingly, that place is stealing them from my wife’s bathroom, and I make it a point periodically to scrounge around in there for supplies.

If she gets a new package of emery boards, I swipe a few. These are great for reaching into and smoothing small spots and corners, and really great for small mortises. The stiff backing is perfect.

Q-Tips are wonderful for touching up stain and other finishes. Tiny and eminently disposable, they’re great for a quick dab of finish.

Similar to the Q-Tips, my wife uses these flat cotton pads for taking off makeup or using facial cleanser. Again, perfect for applying a bit of stain or wiping varnish.

All of the above are not only great for the use I put them to, but because they come in packages with lots of them they’re very easy to steal with them being missed. Not so easy to steal are eyebrow pencils, which excel at quickly hiding a furniture scratch or blemish until a full repair can be made. Gotta be careful with those, though; she notices when one disappears. I blame the cats.

Especially problematic is her hair dryer – she only has one – but if I can borrow it, use it to dry something quickly or for some heat-shrink stuff and get it back before she notices, I can get away with it. If not, again, I blame the cats.

Bobby pins, metal nail files, nail polish, nail polish remover, and even hair scrunchies can all be useful, and I don’t have any of these things in my bathroom.

I’m glad I got married.



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