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Bargains galore!

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You’ll probably think this is an April Fool’s joke, but it isn’t. I’ve found some great clamps at the incredible bargain price of only $7,172.78. Each.

Anyone who goes window-shopping on Amazon as much as I do knows that from time to time you come across some prices that are astronomically – and often comically – high. These prices are often generated by one faulty software algorithm or another and are usually fixed as soon as someone brings it to the attention of the seller, be it Amazon or an Amazon partner. They’re good for a laugh, but don’t last long before being corrected. Other times the prices are intentional, but apply to something that is truly a collector’s item. While high, those prices are generally explainable.

And then there are examples like this one.

In this case, the clamp being sold isn’t particularly collectable, even though Jet doesn’t offer them anymore. It’s also not a random pricing error, or at least I don’t think so, since the item has been listed on Amazon for ages. In fact, I think I first stumbled across this listing more than a year ago. The other thing that makes me think it isn’t an error is the shipping price of $152 for a 3-lb. item. Clearly, the shipping is based on the item price and is correspondingly high.

Still, it’s a darn good clamp. I have several of these Jet clamps in various sizes, and they’re outstanding. However, I don’t have any in a 12" length, and a couple of these would really round out my clamp selection. I think I’ll buy me a couple.

I wonder if they’ll combine shipping?



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