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Remember last week when my fruitless search for 2" bamboo caused me to redesign a project? Even though the altered project came out OK, I couldn’t stand it.

After giving up on finding a small quantity of 2" bamboo (David DeCristoforo had better luck than me, apparently) I used a piece of 2" PVC instead. It worked fine, but even so I was disappointed with the results. Then, after the project was finished I drove past a field of bamboo less than five miles from my house. Naturally, I’ve been stewing over this ever since.

Call me a perfectionist – or a fussbudget, either one applies here I think – but I just couldn’t leave well enough alone. I drove to the field, which turned out to be on the property of some company, and dropped by the main office to talk to The Boss there. I asked if they would mind if I cut me a piece and they said fine. I had tossed a saw into the car and proceeded to wander into a virtual rainforest of bamboo, selected a fine stalk (if that’s what they’re called*) and cut it down. Too long to get in the car, of course, so I hacked it into shorter lengths. A lot of shorter lengths.

Once back in the shop I cut the perfect section that was exactly what I had been looking for in my earlier searching, and redid the project complete with all new photography. A lot of extra work, sure, but by the time I was done I was glad I did it.

Now, what to do with all the leftover bamboo?


*According to Mr. Google, they’re called “culms.”


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