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Aw, nuts

In questioning if I was ready to return to the shop, I got a straightforward nuts-and-bolts answer. I mean that literally.

If you’ve been reading along lately, you know I had minor surgery a bit more than a week ago. Everything’s healing nicely and I’m getting stronger and more able to return to normal with each passing day. Although I’ve still not hit the end of my two-week ban on lifting anything over 10 lbs. – that’s on Friday, hoorah! – I figured there was no reason not to mosey on out to the shop and fiddle around with some minor stuff.

Unfortunately, I opted for the easy task of putting away hardware I’d left out two weeks ago. I have a great hardware rack with a variety of stuff in plastic bins, and while a couple of the bins contain as much as 5 lbs. of one thing or another, nothing was too heavy.

Turns out weight wasn’t the post-surgery issue I needed to worry about. I hadn’t been out there for even 15 minutes when I dropped a fully loaded bin of 1/4" nuts and bolts – one of those 5 lb. bins – onto the floor, scattering the contents everywhere.

But here’s the thing: Although I’m pretty good post-op shape and getting better daily, I can’t yet bend over and touch the floor. So here I am standing like a knucklehead in the middle of 5 lbs. of loose nuts and bolts scattered over a 20-sq.-ft. area of concrete. Sure, I have a magnetic pick-up tool. Somewhere. But I’m clueless as to where. So for the meantime the mess stays put.

Lesson learned: I’m not quite ready to get back to the shop.



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