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Are we having fun yet?

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I don’t do a lot of polls in this blog – the format isn’t quite right for it – but I’m doing one today. The question is straightforward: How is the economy doing for your shop; specifically, are things getting better?

Yeah, the economy’s been bad. Professional woodworkers (and professional woodworking writers) have had a rough time of it for a few years, and still are. But are things beginning to turn around?

Speaking for myself, things are still tough. But I think – and I’m knocking on wood here with my fingers crossed (yes, it’s somewhat painful but hopefully more effective) – things may be changing. At least, they may have hit the bottom. On the down side, the bottom is a lousy place to be. On the plus side, things can’t get worse; they can only stay the same or get better.

So which is it?

Take a good, hard look at how things are going for you, and let me know what’s what. Plain and simple, are things getting better for you professionally? If not actually on a track that you’d describe as “getting better,” have things at least begun to level off? Are you seeing signs that might mean a possible turnaround in your professional future – maybe you’re not seeing extra cash in your wallet today, but you’re beginning to smell the signs that just might indicate that things are about to change?

These signs may not even be positive in a literal sense. Perhaps some of your potential customers are taking more time before saying no to a proposal or bid, instead of just turning you down immediately. Like I said, the signs may not be positive, but at they may be signs nonetheless that customers are considering buying again.

So, what say you?

Do you have a feeling that things are about to get better for woodworking, or are at least getting ready to turn the corner for the better?

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