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An abandoned ship

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I’ve been busier woodworking than ever lately. Ironically, my shop has been empty for nearly two weeks.

I recently finished up three projects for my next book, including the folding table I talked about in an earlier blog. But once the physical projects are done the second half kicks in: drawing up the illustrations, compiling cut lists, editing photography and writing up the projects, all of which are done sitting in front of the computer up in my office.

Meanwhile, I’m ramping up on that reciprocating-saw article I spoke of last week. A couple of the tools have come in, and I’ve started photo work with them. I’ve been doing a lot of cutting with these saws, but all the photo setups I’ve done so far have been outdoors.

And meanwhile-meanwhile, I’ve been designing a piece of furniture. I don’t use design software on the computer for that (although I hear SketchUp is a fantastic program for woodworkers). Nope, I spread out lots of white paper and use an assortment of rules, squares and protractors, and do sketches by hand. My favorite place to do this is on the dining room table, where I have lots of light and plenty of room to draw.

And through all of this essential woodworking, my shop has been all but deserted. Recip-saw boxes are piling up in there, my most recent finished projects are arranged on my assembly table, and the poplar I bought for my next project is stacked neatly and waiting patiently. The tools I used to complete the last project sit where I left them two weeks ago, in the very positions I left them when I set them down.

The place looks like the crew cabin on the Mary Celeste, except with sawdust.

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