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Ahhhhhh ...

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After three weeks of woodworking celibacy, I’ve been back in the shop for the last two days. It feels great. And in just two short days, I’ve managed to cram quite a few woodworking joys into a brief time. Just one or two of these things would constitute a worthwhile shop experience, but I managed to do all of them.

• Worked on the lathe for first time in months, and produced a couple of nice spindles I needed for a project that’s been on hold for a while.

• Bought a new beading chisel for the above. I’d wanted one for some time now, and it worked perfectly for its intended purpose.

• Created a mess of intoxicatingly fragrant shavings and sawdust. (And any woodworker knows that my use of the word “mess” in this context is not a pejorative.)

• Used some BLO to finish a cherry workpiece. My favorite finish on my favorite wood, used on something that came out just the way I wanted it. Doesn’t get much better than that.

• Let the kerosene heater run overtime, creating a shirtsleeve environment for the first time since last fall.

• Used hand tools. Liked it.

• I bought a new dado set a few months ago, and use it for the first time. Worked great

In short, my lengthy shop separation has come to an end, and I’m a happy guy once again. And the best part? It’s not even the weekend yet.

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