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A weekend off

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For a change, I’m not going to work this coming weekend. Surprisingly, I understand that’s what normal people do all the time.

I’ve worked weekends for as long as I can remember. That’s the way it was with most of the Real Jobs I had in the past (the ones where I actually was employed by someone else). For the first 15 years of my early broadcast career I worked every Saturday, and many Sundays. Once in publishing I typically went into an office Monday through Friday, but always took work home on weekends.

Things stayed the same – only more so – once I became self-employed a decade ago. Now, Saturdays and Sundays are really no different from other workdays, except that other family members are suddenly around. I’m sure many of you one-person shop folks know exactly what I mean.

It’s been a crazy several weeks finishing up some projects in the woodshop, plus doing a lot of work in my office on a new woodworking book. Add to that all the usual things we DIY’ers have to do around the house, plus the regular chores of day-to-day life, and my head’s starting to spin. I remember a great Farside cartoon from many years ago where a stressed out little kid in a classroom was frantically waving his arm at the teacher and pleading, “May I please be excused? My brain is full.”

Well, my brain is full and I need a break.

That’s why when I wrap things up this week I plan to do nothing work-related over the weekend – a vow I really hope I manage to keep. On Saturday, Sally and I are going to an enormous annual craft show upstate. On Sunday, I’m going to take part in a Civil War battle reenactment, the first I’ve managed to find time to do all summer. Oh, wait, summer’s over, isn’t it? Guess I missed it.

In any event I plan to make up for some lost “me” time, so from sometime Friday till sometime Monday, consider my phone off the hook.

Ah, it’s not even the weekend yet and I feel better already.



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