A surprising find

I found some interesting woodworking last week in an unexpected place – an otherwise ordinary parking lot guardrail.

I visited my daughter in Connecticut last week, and since she and my son-in-law live near a large lake, we thought an evening picnic down by the water would be a fine outing with my grandson. (And it was, by the way.) The picnic area was small, as was the accompanying sandy beach area, and to keep vehicles away from the sand there was a guardrail made from what looked like telephone poles. That’s the ordinary part. The cool woodworking part was the joinery.

AJBLOG-775 image

I’ve seen a lot of guardrails over the years made from lots of things, but the last thing I’d call any of them would be “interesting,” and certainly not cool. This was both. And while the joinery is simple, there was something about this guardrail that I found not only cool and interesting, but also oddly attractive.

And that’s pretty much it this time around. Just thought I’d share.



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